Waterproof Jacket with Hood

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Outerwear made with recycled fibres, ethically made.

This rain jacket is a perfect outerwear for wet weather. It’s waterproof and has a loose fit so you will feel comfortable and don’t need to cancel your plans because of the rain! Do you know people who love dull rainy days? Of course, they exist but there are not so many of them. But we all have a busy life and no matter what weather outside you need to go out and complete your plans. Here is some good news for you! You may have a raincoat that will be both functional and stylish so you will be even glad to go outside. But be careful! Having this raincoat can have side effects! You may want to wear it and go outside even if you didn’t plan toSpecial Feature: produced with recycling technology. And what is really cool is that when you buy clothes from this shop you care about our Earth as we recycle old clothes because we do care about the environment. Add this jacket to the cart and enjoy any weather!

Cuffs of sleeves on fasteners, light-reflecting elements, a hood, a carbine, an adjusting lace on a belt. 7 pockets: 2 on the lower part, 3 on the chest, 1 internal and 1 on the sleeve.

The height of the model in the photo: 178 cm

Fabrics: 100% recycled polyester 

Special Feature: produced using recycling technology

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 Prior to creating Una Terra, Lidiya Sobolenko worked as a marketing manager for Microsoft and as a COO for EdTech. At the same time, She supported homeless pets: She fed, cured and found new owners for them.

For the last ten years, she has helped 100 street dogs and cats. She didn’t tell anyone about this, She didn’t post this information on Facebook, and nobody made TV programs about her. She did this for one reason - She loves animals and the Earth. Then she decided that she should devote all her time to taking care of the Earth and the environment. After all, her child lives here too. Thus, she left her position at Microsoft and decided to create some kind of business. At first, she did not know what business to launch, but then realized that she had to do what she loves. In such a way, Una Terra brand of human and pets’ clothing was born.

The main intention of the Una Terra brand is to create stylish streetwear. They recycle second-hand materials and utilize sustainable fabrics in the production of our products

In Una Terra, they combine conscious consumption and fashion, in order to protect animals and the earth. 

Learn more about our values here.

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