Care crate recyclable brown box closed
All three incense stick boxes in white with gold lettering
Two brown cases of natural vanilla lip balm
White Lohn organic coconut and soy candle
Natural hydrating balm with beeswax and sea buckthorn
Natural calming wellness roll on in deep blue bottle
Pastel blue photo ed magazine on mental health
Product graphic: incense, candle, lip balm, calming balm and roll on




A Care Crate is a selection of amazing self care products designed for you or as a gift to someone you’re thinking about. For every Care Crate you purchase, a second Care Crate is donated to a frontline healthcare worker on your behalf. You can select the frontline healthcare worker, or let us nominate and send it to someone on your behalf.

We all need a little love and extra self care at this time.  Give something to yourself while knowing that your donation is giving extra care and love to a healthcare worker.

♥ Send some care: Ship a gift to the ones you miss to show your love from afar.

♥ Support by action: Help the women behind local brands.

♥ Spread the love: Send a message of care and kindness in an anxious time.

In your shopping cart (before checkout), you’ll be able to leave a special note to include in the box to say thank you or send some love to the HealthCARE worker who will be receiving this beautiful CARE CRATE on your behalf and they can indulge in a little SelfCARE.

All products ethically made by women. Free Shipping. 1 of each product per crate. actual colors and styles may vary

*no returns on crates.


Learn more below about the amazing products included in your crate!

Essential Oil Incense
Hand-dipped, Bali essential oil incense. Size: 15 pieces. No synthetic perfumes or fragrances. The Details Benefits: natural aroma, room purifying, energy cleansing, increases focus, enhances yoga and meditation practice

 Rescue Balm

Our Hydrating Rescue Balm is the ultimate in dry skin therapy. This omega-rich balm relieves even the driest skin, naturally soothing and softening. Use it daily all over the body to protect against and alleviate chapping, cracking and roughness due to dryness. It’s perfect for hands, feet, elbows and any other areas in need of extra care. .

These candles are handcrafted with botanically-based fragrances, an organic coconut and soy wax blend, and a non-toxic cotton core wick. They are paraben free, petroleum free, phthalate free, and lead free.

Wellness Roll On
Promote a sense of well-being and relaxation to allow a moment of peace. Apply oil to your wrists, temples, and back of neck as needed. For immediate results, place scent directly under your nose and inhale deeply.


Natural Lip Balm

This lip balm has natural protective properties that will keep your lips moisturized in all conditions. When the air is dry in Winter it's the perfect companion. Natural oils and butters soften and soothe the skin, while beeswax acts as a natural moisture barrier preventing water loss through the epidermal layer.



PhotoED Magazine is a beautifully printed niche magazine focused on sharing Canadian photography stories in a brand new light. Working months in advance, there is no way that the editorial team knew how important and impactful their latest edition could be.  The ‘Photography + Mental Health’ themed edition is truly having a moment. This special edition features work by Canadian creatives who can all agree – photography saved their lives.