Sustainable Scrunchie

Sustainable Scrunchie

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Creating adorable scrunchies by rescuing matierals that would normally go to landfills

Scrunchie made entirely from repurposed fabric and elastic. 100% cotton. Soft and stylish.


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The Details

 Repurposed elastic and cotton 

Isabel Is currently a student at the University of Guelph which is well known for its environmental focus. Throughout her undergraduate program, she became involved in sustainability on campus which has made her more aware of her personal actions and how they can affect the environment. This led her to a more sustainable lifestyle which also prompted her to think about how much humans consume and waste.

She started the company after noticing a large number of hair-ties on the ground at university. They seemed to be in the same spot for weeks so she decided to pick up a few and slowly the collection grew.

She thoroughly cleans and sterilizes the hair elastics and sources some second-hand fabric, and that is how the first scrunchie came to be. After signing up for some local, handmade markets, she realized the consumer demand for more sustainable products was there and started creating more products using only second-hand materials to grow the company to where it is now.

Izzy's Imperfect Items is a small business that aims to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by using exclusively second-hand or thrifted materials. Originally, scrunchies were made using abandoned hair elastics found on the ground that had been cleaned and sterilized.

Since COVID-19, the company has shifted to using thrifted elastic from bedsheets and other linens instead. When the world goes back to normal, Izzy's Imperfect Items plans on continuing to collect hair ties off the ground to continue to preserve the environment.

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