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Ethical and sustainable home textiles using Turkish traditions.

Our vegan silk cushions are made from Kutnu fabric. Kutnu is a unique thick, woven fabric which is made of cotton and plant based silk which is made from cellulose, it contains no synthetic material. Both its material and the production process are vegan.
The history of Kutnu dates back to 16th century, to the times when Anatolian Seljuks ruled Anatolia. With its bright colors and unique material, Kutnu fabric was an object of desire for the wealthy people of Anatolia and for the sultans of Seljuk and Ottoman Empire. It is a natural fabric type as it contains no synthetic material. It is made by dipping plant based silk into various natural dyes many times, this gives its own unique colors and motifs.
Kutnu’s beautiful natural colors are a gift from mother earth! Colorful plants roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wood are being used to dye the fabric. Gold-colored dye not only gives color to the fabric but also provides a natural shine.



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Cotton and cellulose fabric



All products from Psychetolia Ltd are handmade or produced locally using machine production in developing cities in Turkey in order to provide employment in areas where opportunities are scarce.


Zehra and Melis, the founders of Psychetolia Ltd are also co-hosts of their own podcast in which they discuss topics ranging from sustainability, to slow fashion and climate change. They also invited several social entrepreneurs who run sustainable businesses to be guests on their show and talk about their role in sustainable development & social entrepreneurship.

Psychetolia Ltd is a London-based sustainable and ethical clothing & homeware brand

For the clothing line and cushions, they buy the fabric from local stores and work with experienced tailors in that area. For the towels, they buy from a local supplier. Some of their towels are also hand-loomed, others are produced locally by machine production in the developing cities of Turkey to provide employment opportunities.

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