Savara Sandal

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Made in Kenya with love ethically crafted footwear and accessories proceeds donated to @zlthopehomes

Minimalist design with a classic twist, the Savara Sandal is a staple piece for every wardrobe.

This product is named after our sweet Annie. A gentle spirit who adores snuggling close with her mamas over a cup of milk coffee in the morning.

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The Details

Handcrafted in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Kenyan made caramel brown leather from an internationally certified tannery. 
Flat sandal with padded leather insole and leather upper. 

The vision for Olive & Annie was inspired by a young mothers desire to support the two most important things in her life: the children close to her heart, and fellow survivors of sexual violence.

Creating ethically crafted footwear and accessories for mamas and their little babes, Olive & Annie proudly operates as a full circle charitable brand. One hundred percent of profits from every purchase directly support ZLT Hope Homes and She Matters. Did they say one hundred percent? Yes, they did.

Their mission is to empower communities and support survivors of sexual violence on their journey to healing. This includes providing support to children and families affected by sexual violence in Nairobi, Kenya.

Every Olive & Annie product is inspired by a belief that they must live with humanity for others. Handcrafted in Kenya with love, their jewelry is crafted using recycled materials while their leather products follow traditional leather work techniques passed down for generations.

They believe that the products they purchase are a reflection of their values. In supporting Olive & Annie, you are furthering the growth of the sustainable fashion industry while supporting survivors of all backgrounds on their journey to healing.

We are stronger together.

Olive & Annie began as a simple idea: To provide artisans with ethical employment while supporting vulnerable women and children. Founded by a single mother and survivor of sexual violence, Olive & Annie is rooted in the core belief that there is strength found in community. Every Olive & Annie purchase provides the gift of hope. 

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