Pink Opal Bolo Necklace

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Scoop neck, v-neck, round neck – no matter what the neckline of your shirts, this necklace is designed to fit. Featuring two pale pink opal pendants, the length of this unique necklace can be easily adjusted by simply pulling the pendant on the longer chain through the adjoining centre circle. Made with genuine opal, these pendants may vary slightly in colour and shade but are unique in their natural beauty. Create an elegant statement with this versatile necklace that is our unique spin on the traditional lariat.

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The Details

  • Adjustable length - longer strand (to be looped around) measures 26 inches, shorter strand measures 2 inches
  • Genuine, natural pink opal gemstones
  • Opal pendants measure approximately 14mmx5mm
  • Completely comprised of 14KT gold-filled materials
  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to tarnishing and fading

Kind Karma was born on the principle that if we spread good, then good will not only come back to us but will continue to spread.

Jewelry making is uniquely crafty and therapeutic. Many of the young people who work with Kind Karma may be healing from trauma or dealing with various mental health challenges. Often this makes committing to shift work, set hours or providing customer service particularly challenging. For this reason, traditional employment for at-risk and transitioning homeless youth can be difficult to acquire and retain. At Kind Karma, they provide a flexible working environment which allows young people to work at a pace that suits their needs.

Their youths receive profits from each sale which enables and empowers them to seize better opportunities for a brighter future. Whether they choose to pursue an education, establish their independence or take a course related to their calling, each youth has a goal that Kind Karma helps them achieve. It is their belief that if we give youths the opportunity to better themselves, they will grow up to become positive influences in society with the ability to pay kindness forward by helping others in need.

Laurinda Lee-Retter founded Kind Karma to create an alternative employment model for at-risk and transitioning homeless youth but it was derived from her hobby as a youth.

Growing up, Laurinda was always drawn to the arts and even went to university to study music as a violinist. Music, art, writing and jewelry-making were always what brought her the most joy and she is continually appreciative that creativity has allowed her to form not only a company, but a career around what she loves most.

Kind Karma is a social enterprise that employs at-risk and transitioning homeless youth in Toronto to handcraft quality jewelry. In addition to receiving hourly wages, youth employees are also given proceeds from all sales to support the achievement of individual goals such as funding post-secondary education, securing permanent housing or enrolling in courses for personal and professional development.

By offering an innovative art-therapy based employment model, Kind Karma aims to break the cycle of poverty by enabling future leaders to reach their full potential so that as successful adults, they can continue to pay kindness forward by helping those in need.

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