Minoan Turkish Towel

Minoan Turkish Towel

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Ethical and sustainable home textiles using Turkish traditions.

For hundreds of years, Turkish towels have been one of the most essential parts of the households in Anatolia. Our towels are made from premium Turkish cotton and bamboo, and compared to the regular towels they dry faster.

What makes them unique is their incredible lightness and outstanding design.They can be used in various areas from regular bath towels to yoga mat covers or from wall tapestry to beach towels. Our towels do not collect damp smells and they are completely absorbent. They are the perfect beach towels as you can easily shake the sands right off.

When used as yoga mat covers they will keep the mat in place and provide a non-slip surface for your yoga moves. The material is really absorbent which will soak up sweat quickly, and will dry very fast.


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he Details

100% Cotton
90x190 cm

more compact compared to the regular towels which makes them easy to carry around. Since our towels are designed to last a lifetime, they are more cost-efficient in the long run.


All products from Psychetolia Ltd are handmade or produced locally using machine production in developing cities in Turkey in order to provide employment in areas where opportunities are scarce.


Zehra and Melis, the founders of Psychetolia Ltd are also co-hosts of their own podcast in which they discuss topics ranging from sustainability, to slow fashion and climate change. They also invited several social entrepreneurs who run sustainable businesses to be guests on their show and talk about their role in sustainable development & social entrepreneurship.

Psychetolia Ltd is a London-based sustainable and ethical clothing & homeware brand

For the clothing line and cushions, they buy the fabric from local stores and work with experienced tailors in that area. For the towels, they buy from a local supplier. Some of their towels are also hand-loomed, others are produced locally by machine production in the developing cities of Turkey to provide employment opportunities.

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