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Accessories home goods and skincare handmade by artisans in Madagascar.

Our Lily Bourse shoulder bag is the perfect boho-chic, go-to bag. Big in size, it was designed for the free-spirited, on the go woman. Simple and minimalist, this bag will adapt to your busy lifestyle for sure. With 2 compartments, 1 zipped. 

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The Details

Dimensions: 33 x 31 cm / 12,99'' x 12,20'' Weaving technique: hand crochet Weaving time: 4 days Material: Raffia, cotton lining, leather strap Please be aware that being handmade, our bags are unique through the talented hands that made it. The dimensions, therefore - are just an indication of what you can expect as a size overall. The stitches and size will slightly vary.

Being originally from Madagascar, Lina decided to do something with that identity, her strong ties to natural products promoting a more sustainable lifestyle and the will to make a true difference in people’s lives.


Her story begins about 10 years ago, when she was back in her country Island after her studies in Paris, realizing how diverse in riches and biodiversity her Island was and how much the people were talented through their craftsmanship - transforming natural fibers and materials, into their everyday life tools.

She just fell in love with these crafts and with her people's way of living; simple, close to nature, carefree despite the poverty; being grateful for what they have.

From then, she took on the mission to share the best of what the Island has to offer with the rest of the world, help the local people earn a good living regularly through their talent and give credit to the Island’s legacy.

At SOOALA, they simply want to share their love for Madagascar, its culture, its people and help customers travel to this extraordinary Island through simple - yet beautiful crafts, all made out of natural raw materials endemic to Madagascar.

SOOALA is a company specialized in importing local products and handcrafts of Madagascar. They mostly work with poor communities of women, who are single mothers, women trying to be financially independent to get away from abuse or simply wanting to make a better living for their future. They started 10 years ago with the mission to support them in these journeys by opening a small workshop with tools at their disposal so they could come and weave so the crafts could be sold locally, then internationally in 2014

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