Welcome Home Box
Sam and Lance home crate products reusable beeswax wraps, leather keychain, incense holder
Blue and green reusable beeswax wraps with cycle and cage prints
Home upgrade care crate by Sam and Lance in a box package with leaves
Sam and Lance incense holder against a white background
Natural fragrant incense sticks
Embroidered leather keychain on model wit keys


Welcome Home Box


 Did someone you love just move into a new home? Or does your place need some love? This crate has the perfect mix of items to help someone settle in and enjoy their new space or to accessorize any home. 

This Crate includes an incense holder and some incense to help create a 'scent' of calm and welcoming, beeswax wraps for their new kitchen to help them start their eco-friendly journey, a keychain for their new keys and a bamboo straw for a welcome home margarita!


All products ethically made by women. Free Shipping. 1 of each product per box. actual colors and styles may vary

*no returns on boxes.


Learn more below about the 4 amazing products included in your box!

Incense Holder

Our Lunar inense holder is made of solid brass and is the perfect piece for any incense; it has a small and a large hold to accommodate various sizes.

Essential Oil Incense
Hand-dipped, Bali essential oil incense. Size: 15 pieces. No synthetic perfumes or fragrances. The Details Benefits: natural aroma, room purifying, energy cleansing, increases focus, enhances yoga and meditation practice

Beeswax Wraps
Hand crafted using only organic materials, this reusable beeswax food wrap is the perfect alternative to plastic cling wrap or foil and is fully compostable at the end of its life, meaning it produces no waste. The wraps are made from natural, organic materials meaning your food is not leaching harmful chemicals from plastic wraps or containers..

Embroidered Leather Keychain

Crafted from upcycled plane seat leather from Jazz Aviation.

Use it for your keys, attach it to your purse, hang it wherever you want.