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All natural plant based wellness inspired by Bali

Hand-dipped, Bali essential oil incense.

Size: 15 pieces.
No synthetic perfumes or fragrances.

Burning incense can be therapeutic and spiritually cleansing. Our incense are hand-dipped in Balinese essential oils - never with toxic fragrances or synthetics.

Jasmine is a romantic and seductive flower that is known to be a mood uplifter. 

Lotus is a bright and invigorating flower with many spiritual symbolisms.

Champaka is a native Indonesian flower with an exotic and unique floral aroma. 

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The Details

Benefits: natural aroma, room purifying, energy cleansing, increases focus, enhances yoga and meditation practice

Rebecca and Tricia come from a holistic nutrition and esthetician background and want to teach people how to read ingredients and dig deeper when it comes to beauty.

Being avid travellers, they love incorporating exotic ingredients from Asia into their skincare. These elements are what make them unique and on the cutting edge of beauty trends.

Their  HOLISTICK goal is to give you all-natural, plant-based and cruelty-free beauty products that you can depend on and feel amazing wearing.

Bali Inspired Natural Beauty and Skincare. Using whole ingredients from Mother Nature that encompass the mind, body and spirit.

Natural to us means: from nature.

Our ingredients include pure essential oils, absolutes and plant-based/fruit-extracted oils. We never use perfumes, fragrances or synthetic ingredients.  

Nature heals. And what our skin and bodies need to thrive can be found in Mother Nature.

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