Drape dress of organic hemp

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Eco conscious slow fashion from Europe

Dress made with organic fabric 55% hemp and 45% cotton. High-quality fabric, with asymmetrical front line neck and draped neck. Light and dynamic look. Great for spring and summer.

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The Details

Colors: Lemon green and magenta.

Care instructions: Wash in cold water, do not use spin dry.

One of IREMA’s main objectives is returning to the planet everything that it gives us using organic and non toxic fabrics and techniques of dressmaking respectful with the environment. But not the only one, because producing socially responsible products is also essential, so they work with providers and suppliers with a commitment to ethical fashion.

When Veronica learnt to sew in her childhood, she couldn’t imagine that in the future her life would turn into threads, fabrics and beads. Her bustling and creative mind led her to continue sewing and that was the reason why IREMA started.

Today, IREMA Slow Fashion means much more than garments. It begins with design and being aware of how to return to the planet what it’s gifted.
The choice of the textures and the techniques of pattern is also very important to Veronica, because she want to guarantee a transparent process and for it to be as ecological as possible.

IREMA is a slow fashion and timeless fashion brand.

Their garments are designed in Switzerland and consciously handmade in Spain. They are interested in sustainable methods of production to minimize environmental impact as well as to give answers to ethical and social issues: environmental and social responsibility is central to everything they do.

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