Vegan cocoa and peppermint body butter stick

Cocoa Peppermint Body Butter Stick

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Handmade vegan skincare using ethically sourced shea butter from Ghana

This soothing chocolate peppermint body butter is decadent! With the softening properties of cocoa butter and carnauba wax, this body butter takes just a few swipes on the skin to moisturize. 

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The Details

Directions: Melt the bar directly onto dry skin or damp skin. Rub back in forth on the skin until skin is moisturized. 

Ingredients: Carnauba wax, cocoa butter, avocado oil and peppermint essential oil.

Amandla first learned how to make homemade body creams in West Africa, ten years ago. Such early experiences not only strengthened her awareness of her Ghanaian heritage but especially helped to embrace the beauty of unrefined pure shea butter. Learning about these rich, hidden treasures of the earth further served to promote her budding palate for an alternative healthy lifestyle. .

Bartholomew Sisters create handmade vegan skin care products for the hair, face, and body with a West African twist

This green beauty brand sources shea and cocoa butter from Ghana and melts them down before adding any oils to their eco-friendly skin care.
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