The Brand

Doing good just got easier. The Good Tee manufactures Fairtrade organic cotton certified fashion basics. Our t-shirts are fully traceable from farm to warehouse, we minimize our footprint and measure our impact.

It all starts with the cottonseed, as a Fairtrade certified brand we donate 3% of their purchases to support farmer collectives. Since 2002, nearly 300k farmers in India have committed suicide. In addition, the entire supply chain, from the farmer to the factory workers are paid fairly.

Wondering what our factory looks like? We are fully transparent, mapping out each step and supplying names and footage directly on our website. Our video will walk you through the entire factory which started in 1994 and is run by Franciscan Nuns as a means to support their old age home and orphanage. Respecting the supply chain plays a critical role at every step and contributes to the good vibes each product emits.

We are committed to Earth and making Mother Nature proud. Unlike manmade fibers, such as polyester that take 200 years to decompose, we are proud to support organic cotton which naturally biodegrades. Our goal is to keep clothing out of landfills, by also creating high-quality products that withstand the test of time.

Curious about the environmental benefits you can make with each purchase? With the help of the Green Story platform, the environmental footprint of each product is calculated. The popular unisex tee saves 127 days of drinking water and 37.5 LED bulb energy saved.

Together we can be a force for good.

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