The Brand

Based in Mexico City, Taller De La Rosa is a textile house of design, creating timeless and sustainable clothing and linens. Founded in 2017 by Jessica De La Rosa, the concept was born out of the designer's desire to consume consciously and maintain a minimalist closet. As an artist, she was concerned with bringing change to the fashion world and increasing awareness of the industry’s effect on our environment. Taller De La Rosa measures the impact of each step in the production process and uses only ethically sourced materials such as linens, hemps, recycled cottons and silks.


The pallet emphasizes neutral and organic tones, mirroring the natural fibers' colors. The shapes are inspired by Jessica’s love for full-length and body-conscious silhouettes. The pieces are meant to be layered, played with, and ultimately bring luxuries that last into your life. This is why Taller expanded from clothing to bedding- to extend the luxuries of breathable simple fabrics beyond your body and into your home. To provide a lifestyle. Taller De La Rosa is designed for the person that seeks functionality and modesty yet also beauty and elegance, that embraces the sensual, and that chases adventure, all while being conscious of their personal footprint.

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