The Brand


At Take Me Away Essentials (TMAE) they are firm believers in the necessity for personal care and that your beauty regime should be a devoted practice.

Their products are made in small batches using the purest, most effective organic plant-based materials to ensure they produce the highest quality and most effective product for customers. Their natural ingredients are carefully selected and formulas meticulously designed to provide you with products that will deeply and effectively nourish your hair and skin. While many products on the shelf are predominantly water, they take pride in using a high concentration of organic botanical oils and extracts that will hydrate, nourish and protect your skin from the harsh external environment.

They aim to provide you, with products of the highest quality that will surpass your expectations while meeting your needs.

TMAE’s products are suitable for all skin types, ethnic backgrounds, skin colour, hair textures, and lifestyle values. They take pride in making vegan products and are committed to no animal testing.

Your hair and skin will thank you!

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