The Woman

Around three years ago Maria  was living and studying in Singapore. During her time there, she was constantly traveling and she noticed how the tourism industry was affecting our environment. She would go snorkeling and see plastic in many different beautiful beaches in Asia, it was unfortunate to see. When she arrived back in Canada, her and her family became more passionate about the zero-waste movement. She then started Sōmi with an interest and curiosity in creating her own natural and sustainable products. After her mom attended a soap and shampoo making workshop in Mexico, they were both hooked and loved making different plant-based skincare for themselves. As they found the perfect shampoo and conditioner recipe, free from harmful chemicals, they wanted to share it with others!

Maria has recently finished her undergraduate degree in Business Management at Ryerson University and has worked as an analyst within the financial industry in Toronto. She loves to hike, explore, and go on adventures outdoors.

Teresa has founded her own businesses in Mexico where she usually spends half the year to get away from the cold Canadian winters. She loves all things DIY, including painting, and interior design. "