We care about sustainability and transparency. Learn about each packaging piece and how to re-purpose or recycle.


Repurpose this tissue in your best friends birthday gift! After it's used it can be recycled. It's made with acid-free paper and soy-based inks.


Recyclable and compostable, this sticker is printed with soy-based ink and non-toxic adhesive.


Our boxes can be easily recycled but before you do think of ways to repurpose them! Maybe bringing baked goods to a friend, or as a drawer divider.
All printing is done with vegetable based ink so it is safe for the environment and for you!


Our tape is recyclable as it is made with paper and plant derived adhesive. Technically this can also go into your compost if you have one!


Our inserts are made with recycled paper and soy based inks! After you use them as a bookmark for a while they can be recyled


Because we send so many delicate and fragile items we felt that additional packaging was necessary, but we have tried to make sure it is as eco friendly as possible!