The Woman


Kari is Peruvian, passionate about nature, artisanal-made goods, and traditional techniques. She works in environmental and outdoor education and she's also a bird nerd.

Growing up and exploring her native Peru, she developed an early passion for cultural diversity, artisans, and their work, which is a huge part of the heritage in her country. She has done crafts all her life and explored different techniques. This project merges her passion for artisanal techniques, natural fibers, and life values. She believes that a more sustainable way of living is possible if we change our consumerist habits.

In 2013 she started wood crafting with a good friend in Peru, they made boards and other cooking utensils out of olive wood. This is when the name Once upon an Artisan (OUAA) was born. One year later she moved to Australia and felt the call of becoming a bridge, connecting the amazing artisan-made products from Peru to the world. After more than a year researching, connecting to artisans and producers, she launched OUAA as an ethical knitwear label.