The Woman

Although the business launched just recently, it began as an idea 3 years ago. Susan was working at a bank as an Associate Investment Advisor and hated it! Her job involved absolutely no creativity and she was completely uninspired and unmotivated. She wanted to find an outlet for her creativity that could make money. She decided that she wanted to combine her love of travel and jewelry and create a line of travel and activity-inspired jewelry.

Before she started the brand, she would be at my desk job and scroll through pictures of all these women on Instagram who were traveling the world, which made her a bit jealous. She realized that she wanted to start a community where women, no matter where in the world they were and what job they had, could purchase a piece of adventure and join a community of women who, although maybe weren't traveling to St. Tropez every weekend, shared the same travel and adventure dreams as them. She wants this community to be a positive thing in women's lives so that instead of feeling jealous, they feel inclusiveness and inspiration.