The Woman

Although YASAMAN HAJ-SHAFIEI had a commerce background, she was always into health and wellness and had the opportunity to immerse myself in all sorts of healing products and systems available. After meeting her husband who has a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) background, she realized the healing ways of TCM, whether it was through acupuncture, cupping, or herbs, and how potent they are. While many of the things that she had exposed herself to previously had their own unique benefits, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  stood out as being almost magically effective, whilst only ever making use of natural and ancient wisdom. Unfortunately, it is often inaccessible, hard to understand, or otherwise challenging to incorporate into our daily lives without knowing the right Chinese herbalist, acupuncturist, or practitioner. So she created Jing Well to bridge that gap and bring these efficacious healing ways to everyday lives.