The Woman

A successful career in the apparel industry, a flare for design and a passion for the environment all came together to set the stage for Judy Lazar to launch Canada’s foremost reusable bag company, Credobags. When crafting the concept for Credobags, Judy went back to her roots. Born and raised in Montreal, she is the child of European parents who immigrated to Canada following WWII. Her parents taught Judy at a very early age not to be wasteful and today, Judy personifies her customer. She is urban and socially responsible, has been recycling for years, and has always hated excess packaging and waste. She long envisaged a project that would allow her to create a beautifully designed, useful, well made product that supported our economy and was created with a green vision for the future. She wanted to manufacture a product that was generic, would be used in every household and that most important- would cut down on waste..