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To the women of the Huilloc, Patacancha, and Kelkanka communities, it is vital to pass their weaving traditions on and teach their children to be able to recreate the ancient patterns of their people so that they won’t get lost. The women usually weave a few hours a day, mixed in with their other household responsibilities like taking care of the animals, cooking, cleaning, and being home with the children. Now, many of the women are making more money than their husbands due to the success of selling their textiles. Rather than feel threatened, the men have positively embraced this shift in roles of the women becoming the breadwinner of the family and they have started to help take care of the kids and contribute in the daily chores. This work allows them to buy more things like clothes, food, school supplies, and medicine. They are also learning the importance of self-confidence and making their own decisions based on their wants and needs.

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