Pink chalcedony and clear quartz beads bracelet

Illuminating Energy Pink Chalcedony

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Ethical jewelry made by female artisans in the remote mountains in Pakistan

Soft pink round Chalcedony beads alternate with clear round quartz beads to create an alluring and soothing effect. Pink Chalcedony is full of warm love energy and helps you strengthen your bonds with your family, while quartz encourages clarity of thought and purpose. Worn on its own or paired with our other gemstone bracelets, hand-cut round, smooth gemstones, and handcrafted silver touches add a simple style to your wardrobe. *As this item is handcrafted, please expect slight variations.

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The Details

Gemstone: Pink Chalcedony, Clear Quartz
Size: 8 mm round-cut gemstones
Sterling Silver separators
Elastic memory wire
Handcrafted by Amina

Daria Day works with artisans living in the remote mountain communities in the foothills of the K2 Mountain in Northern Pakistan - some of which are the most isolated and poor communities in the world.

The rough gemstones are sourced from local miners and then processed by women into beads or faceted stones. Women artisans then fashion them into each gorgeous piece of sustainable jewelry.

Daria Day’s Founder Farrukh Lalani was working with NGOs in Pakistan when she got to know the people in these remote communities and the need for opportunities to empower them financially and creatively. Daria Day strives to provide the artisans with a sustainable livelihood and path to prosperity.

Daria Day is an ethical jewelry brand empowering artisans in remote mountain communities of Northern Pakistan. They are deeply committed to elevating the lives of the artisans who create each piece. They create wearable and functional art for people looking for style and authenticity of the materials used, believing in the healing and connecting power behind each gemstone

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