Bloat Relief

Bloat Relief

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Natural and organic skincare made without complex chemicals or parabens. Natural safe and tested on humans

Everybody bloats but not everyone has to put up with it. Use our bloat relief to reduce visible inflammation and relieve discomfort. Whether it’s a food that didn’t sit well or you ate that extra bite (or five), this oil will diminish the bloating. 

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The Details

How to use:

Roll on your relief stick. Apply topically to the stomach and experience the benefits through skin absorption. The plant molecules of the essential oils penetrate the skin through pores, sweat glands and hair follicles causing circulation which leads to lasting relief. Absorption can take 20-70 minutes.

Recommended for:

  • bloating
  • inflammation
  • mild joint/muscle pain
The Ingredients

Hemp Oil*, Olive Oil*, Mentha arvensis*, Tanacetum annum*, Zingiber officinale* *=organic

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