all natural powder deodorant
all natural powder deodorant
all natural powder deodorant
all natural powder deodorant

Madame Lemy

All-Natural Deodorant

All-Natural Powder Deodorant. Comes with puff for application.


Choose between 4 natural scents: Rose, Lavender, Lemon or Lime


The classic Rose scent has been used for centuries as a natural fragrance. In this formula, we utilize actual rose petals and essential oils to create a luxurious and rich rose scent.

Lavender's heavenly aroma has inspired fragrances for centuries. In this formula, we utilize lavender flower powder and essential oils to achieve the purest lavender scent.

The uplifting citrus rich scent of Lime has been used around the world for ages. In this formula, we utilize lime peel and essential oil to keep you fresh throughout the entire day.

Lemon, a natural bacteria killer, has been used for generations to neutralize odor. In this formula, we utilize lemon peel extract and essential oils to keep you fresh throughout the entire day.

When creating Madame Lemy, they knew they didn’t want to contribute waste to landfills. That’s why Madame Lemy limits the use of plastics in its packaging. Plastic waste has a devastating and irreversible impact on the planet and our company is committed to maintaining a low carbon footprint by using materials made from recycled

Their packaging is designed to be reusable and refillable after the product runs out. With this, they hope to lower the impact on the environment and inspire other companies to limit their use of plastic packaging.

Their mission at Madame Lemy is to provide a safe and effective alternative to heavy chemical deodorants with the hope of making a positive impact on the health of consumers looking for a truly all-natural way of controlling odor and wetness.


Holly worked as a celebrity and TV makeup artist between New York and Los Angeles prior to founding Madame Lemy. After years of using high end products, she noticed there weren’t really any options for luxurious, all-natural products.

Holly began her journey of searching for an all-natural, effective deodorant after a close friend was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at only thirty.
The number one thing she urged others to do was immediately stop using deodorants/antiperspirants that contained aluminum.

Holly began researching the effects of chemicals found in “conventional”antiperspirants. Products that her and her friends had been using since their teens. She was shocked to discover the chemicals they had been exposing their body to were actually doing harm. They prevent bodies from naturally regulating themselves.

Holly took inspiration from her experience working as a makeup artist and merged the concept of luxury packaging with all natural, ethically sourced ingredients.

Madame Lemy is an all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free, limited ingredient beauty brand. They specialize in chemical-free and aluminum-free powder deodorants.

The natural deodorants are made by chemists in small batches. Madame Lemy gives consumers an effective everyday produ