Winter Skin Rescue

Winter Skin Rescue

Winter can be full of amazing things, pure white snowdrifts, the way the moonlight hits the snowflakes falling from the sky, the chapped lips and rough skin… oh wait… 

When winter comes so does the itchy dry skin and that is something we’ve all lived with for years. But what if we told you there are ways to make it better and you dont have to live like this!? 

Here are some of our tried and tested favourite winter skin rescue tips:


Oils can be so hydrating for your skin, from specially formulated facial oils to body oil and hair oil, these types of products really nourish the skin. Oils do have moisturizing properties but they also help to act as a barrier to help lock in moisture. Layering an oil over top of a cream moisturizer can do double duty and leave you extra hydrated

Cover up! 

Dont forget your hands and feet! A great way to keep them happy is to layer on a thick layer of moistureizer and or oil and put socks on, (yes even socks on your hands!) before bed. This will help the mositurizing properties stay on your skin and not all over your sheets and you can wake up to softy happy feet and hands 



Products shouldnt be just used to rescue your skin you should make sure to take extra care to protect it as well. Before going out in the cold you want to make sure you use your moisturizer and oils to help create a shield to the winter elements!



Sounds counterintuitive we know but helping to remove the dry dead skin cells will help your products to penetrate the skin more effectively and provide a better base



Make sure you are still drinking lots of water, sometimes in winter we forget because we dont get as hot and sweaty but it is just as important! It is also important to make sure you dont use super hot water in your bath or shower as this can cause your skin to dry up as well. 



Even something as simple as putting a bowl of water near your heat source will help add moisture to the air around you. Adding moisture to the air will really help your skin and hair

Let us know in the comments if you have any favourite tips and tricks to keep your skin its best during these cold winter months! 

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