What It Means  To Be An Ethical Subscription Box

What It Means  To Be An Ethical Subscription Box

You shop from local farmers' markets, you love supporting small businesses, you do your homework with every purchase and make sure that each item that enters your home was crafted with love care, and values that match your own. We feel you. This is why we built the ethical subscription box. 

What exactly does this mean? 

Fair Prices for Products

Small businesses work so hard to put out every product. They do their own research and development, source their own materials and often manufacture their own products. They often then have to price their products lower than their worth to be able to compete with big-box retailers and brands that are able to scale and find cheap (and often unethical) labour and materials. We believe that these creators should be paid their worth. Many other subscription boxes ask that they be given products free of cost and tell their suppliers to just categorize it as a ‘marketing cost’ this is fine for large successful businesses with large budgets. But for smaller-scale creators, this is just not possible. We want to ensure that everyone has a chance to have their products featured and be properly compensated

Planet Friendly Packaging


Our boxes are fully recyclable! They are printed with plant-based inks so even as they are recycled or tossed out they won't leech chemicals into the ground. Our tissue is printed on acid-free paper and can be easily recycled. Our tape is made with paper and plant-based adhesive and can be composted. 

We also work with our suppliers to improve their product packaging and ensure it is as sustainable as possible, so everything has really been thought through!

Meaningful Manufacturing


How products are physically made is just as important as the materials they are made with. Having ethical products means having a manufacturing process that ensures: fair wages, minimal environmental impact, low waste, ethical business practices, safe and inclusive work environments and so much more. 

Useful and Useable 


Many subscription boxes just want to fill the box. This often leads to useless knick-knacks that either end up gathering dust, in the donation pile or in the garbage. Each SAM & LANCE Empower-Her box is curated to have items that can be used regularly, used up or easily gifted to loved ones. We don't fill boxes just to fill them, we choose each product to be a welcome addition to your home and your lifestyle. 

The Empower-Her box is more than just a subscription box. It is your values, your lifestyle and your heart, in one box. It is about fairness and sustainability, its about celebrating yourself, and last but not least its about empowering women owned businesses. 

Sign up for the Empower-Her Subscription Box today and join the ethical movement!


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