What is the benefit of getting a subscription box?

What is the benefit of getting a subscription box?

Subscription boxes have become an incredibly popular way for people to treat themselves and to help brands get their products into the hands of people that might not otherwise find out about them. 

There are a number of benefits to subscribing to a subscription box service, so if you’re on the fence if this is right for you then here are some answers!


Subscription boxes like the Empower-Her box include a variety of products from home decor, to skincare to wellness. You get a number of different items that can be used in most aspects of your life! You don't have to worry about getting repeat products or having overflowing cabinets. These products are diverse enough that you will have time to use (or gift) them all before getting another product of a similar type!



These boxes are designed and curated with the knowledge that not everyone loves everything! And that's ok! The products that you don't love or don't think you can use can easily be gifted to friends or family members. They will absolutely love getting these unique things from you and the best part is this means no waste and no running last minute to the shops for a hostess gift!

brown gift box with JUST FOR YOU written in white text on top. sustainable gifts made by women owned brands



Learning about new brands and new products is always exciting! Why do you think people love watching the shopping channel so much? Getting a subscription box is a great way to learn about up-and-coming brands or products you may not have originally purchased for yourself but now get to try and fall in love with!


Supporting Values

Each subscription box company is unique and falls into specific niches. Take the Empower Her box for example This box includes only products from Women Owned Brands and each product is as ethically and sustainably made as possible. Finding boxes that suit your lifestyle and values is easy and you can support businesses that resonate with what is in your heart. 



Sign up once and then just wait to be surprised! You will get your regular deliveries of discovery products straight to your door. You can easily get stocked up on items and not have to think about it! Who doesn't love a good delivery day?!

woman sitting holding an Empower-Her subscription box

Want to learn more about the SAM & LANCE Empower-Her subscription box? Click Here! 

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