gift box showing Trail Estates Piquette Wine, So luxury coco oat soak bath soak. wood matches in a glass jar and a mini mimi & august candle

Trail Estates Winery Now Available at SAM & LANCE

Here at SAM & LANCE we talk a lot about our favorite things. We love badass women who build their own businesses from scratch, we love a good self care session, we love watching women lift each other up and support eachother throught the good and the bad, and so so much more. But one thing you may not know is that we absolutely love … WINE! 

So when we learned about Trail Estates Winery, which is  50% women owned and has a woman wine maker we were absolutely thrilled. Then once we tasted their wines we were in heaven!

So this week we are so proud to announce our partnership between SAM & LANCE gifts + Trail Estate Winery and their winemaker Mackenzie Brisbois! 

One of the few women winemakers in Ontario, Mackenzie is known for her low intervention winemaking and bold experimentation, resulting in unique and award-winning wines! Mackenzie has traveled the world learning and experimenting with winemaking and her efforts have paid off. Trail Estate Winery makes truly unique and impressive wines.

We are excited to be offering two of their sparking wines to our curated or custom gift boxes.

You can add either a bottle of a light Piquette or a bottle of Supersonic sparkling wine to any SAM & LANCE curated gift box or custom box. We’ve asked Trail Estates to tell you a bit about each wine so you can start getting as excited as we are: 


After pressing the Concord grapes, the grapes still contained lots of juice (many grapes were still whole!), so we put them into a bin and added Baco and Cabernet Franc lees on top to let them ferment. 

Pressed after 4 days and allowed to ferment dry this wine had about 10% water added to it. Bottled with an addition of yeast and sugar in a similar fashion to Champagne — that makes this is our one maximum intervention wine this year!

Image shows a bottle of Trail Estates Piquette wine


This wine has developed a cult following over the last few years. Like nothing else (we make or any wineries for that matter) — Supersonic is 100% Concord, which is a super-sustainable grape to grow and was once the backbone of grape-growing in Ontario.

Hand-harvested Concord grapes were pressed on a very long press cycle with lots of rotation to naturally extract juice from these hard-to-press grapes. 

image of Trail  Estates Winery'e Supersonic wine

Shop here to add a bottle of wine to a customized gift box for that special someone or we have made some curated boxes that already include the wine to make things easy for you! 


Welcome Home Box - $70

gift box withbrown kraft paper showcasing a bottle of Trail Estates Piquette Wine, Hummingbid Chocolate Chocolate bar and a jar or jam from Worthy Jams


gift box packed with brown crinkle paper and a bottle of Trail Estates Piquette Wine, Prairie Beeswax Wraps, and Beauty From Bees Hand Balm



Wind Down Box - $75


gift box with brown krinkle paper holding a bottle of Trail Estates Piquette Wine, So luxury coco oat soak bath soak, wood matches in glass jar from River Birch, mimi and august mini candle



You can also add a bottle to any other curated gift box before checkout!


We do want to encourage you and  your loved ones to enjoy responsibly and we want to reinforce that because we are based in Ontario the purchaser and the recipient must be over 19 years of age. 

Due  to liscensing and shipping regulations we are only able to ship wines within Southern Ontario at this time. If wine is purchased to be shipped outside this zone the  recipient will receive a gift card for the amount of the bottle. 

Happy shopping and sipping!

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