Thoughts on our Second Birthday

Thoughts on our Second Birthday


  We certainly can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since we started this adventure! In a way, it feels like we’ve been doing this forever, but also like we’ve been doing this for 5 minutes. 

This year threw some wild curveballs at all of us. But some good things were able to come out of it and a few surprising things for us as well

So these are the top 5 Things we learned this year: 


When life hands people lemons, they make all-natural sparkling lemonade

One thing we were not expecting was seeing so many new ethical small businesses were created in the wake of the Pandemic. After a lot of people lost their jobs we were so inspired to see so many of them start up their own businesses! We have been so impressed with the creativity, tenacity and bravery that people have shown.


Seek out learning opportunities

It’s impossible to know everything but it is possible to adapt your daily routines to include education and self-improvement. This year we made it a goal to learn more about business and social justice and have found that even just 20 minutes a day can make huge impacts. From books and audiobooks to podcasts to courses the information is everywhere you just need to grab it!


Self Care Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Who knew that staying at home all day could have such an impact on your mental health?! This year has made us re-evaluate our self-care routines and really make sure we are taking and scheduling time for ourselves. From at-home manicures to regular meditation it’s important that we consciously take care of ourselves and be aware of when we might need some extra rest. 


Find your people!

Joining groups and reaching out to people with similar interests and goals can help you feel supported and connected. This doesn’t just have to mean in business, but in your daily life as well! If this year has taught us all anything it’s the importance of human connection. Use these people to inspire you, cheer you on, teach you new things and help you grow, and you can help them back! 


You cant always give 100%

If you are always giving 100% then that means there is nothing left for you. In todays world of side hustles and high expectioants its important to remember that you can always be going at top speed full effort. Sometimes 85% is just enough. By always doing everything at 100% capacity just means you’ll burn out quickly and have less time and energy for other things that you truly enjoy. 

We feel so fortunate to have hit this milestone of our second birthday and we couldnt have done it without our amazing SAM & LANCE family: our customers, partners, suppliers and supporters. You are all incredible and we feel so lucky every day to have you join us on this journey!

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