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The Secret Behind the Best Client Gifts from Professional Gifters

Client gifts are a great way to engage with your customers, build your relationships and create deeper dedication and loyalty. You can read more about the benefits of gifting to your clients here. 

Ensuring your gifting strategy is as effective as possible does take some time, thought and effort. But it definitely is worth it in the end! Working with a dedicated gifting service like SAM & LANCE will help take the pressure off and ensure that your entire program is effective streamlined and flawless. 

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So if SAM & LANCE does all the hard work for you what's left for you to do? Well, the most important part of all. The part that is the key, the linchpin, the X on the treasure map the… well you get the point. 

The secret ingredient is: the note and message that is included in your gift! Seems simple, yet a well-crafted note can elevate your gift-giving and increase its desired outcomes tenfold. 

Here are our top tips to craft the best message to be included in your gift: 

Include their name, and spell it correctly! If the gift is for multiple people, include all of their names. Just saying the “smith family’ or “marketing team’ doesn't have the same effect and won't invoke the same kinds of intimate feelings.

Be sincere. It is easy to just say what you think people want to hear but that doesn't always come across the way you want it to. Be honest and use specific compliments for example “Thank you for choosing to work with me on your new product launch strategy, it was a challenging and rewarding experience and I loved how we were able to learn from each other” sounds better than “Best client ever!! Thanks so much! “ (even if they really were the best client ever)

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Add personalized details. Mention specifics from the project, inside jokes or pay them a sincere compliment (but remember the above advice!) make sure there is no doubt in their mind that this message is for them and only them. You may also want to describe why you got this specific gift for them and show that you have been listening during your time together “I know how much you look forward to your Sunday baths so I thought these bath salts would be great for your next soak!” 

Express hope. Wish them well on future projects, mention wanting to work together again or even to meet again for coffee. Hope is a beautiful human emotion that will really make your message stand out and will ensure they remember your sweet gesture. 

image of the Zero waste Starter Kit Gift Box. open brown box filled with: a bamboo dish brush, beeswax wraps, mesh cotton produce bags a bamboo tothbrush, a bamboo straw and organci cotton facial cloths


Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that your gifts feel elevated and will create a better bond with each gift. 

Need help?! That's what we’re here for! Book a call with us here and we can help you write the perfect note and help you find the perfect gift!

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