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The Lost Art of Creative Mailers and how to Modernize them

Before online ads direct mailers were the way to go. You probably remember seeing them in your family mailbox and have never really noticed that there seems to be significantly less in your current mailbox. 

Sending physical mailers can be an incredibly successful way to reach your target audience and are arguably more effective than online ads because many other businesses arent doing them!

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Some of the benefits of sending physical mailers include: 

Getting your targets full attention. When people see an  ad online its usually surrounded by lots of other ‘shiny’ distractions, in the form  of posts, other  ads etc. when someone receives your mailer they must giveit their full attention to firstly figure out what it is, if it is relevant to them and if and where they will put it (hopefully on the fridge or table to be referred to in the near future!). They will be spending much more time interacting with the physical mailer than the ads you have online

Standing out from the crowd. You can almost guarantee that your competitors arent doing creative direct mail campaigns so by being the first you will stick out in your prospects minds. This will make you seem unique and show your creativity!

Creating Aditional Touchpoints. People trust and like what is familiar to them. The more they see your brand and your products or services they will subconsciously form an attachment to them and  you. 

Bringing a new target market online that wouldnt usually see your ads. There are still a number of people not on socials and by accessing them through physical ads they can be led online through contests or discount codes, even as lead generation 

Most mailers of the past were simple A4 sheets in envelopes or cardboard A2 rectangles with bright colors and bold claims to capture peoples attention. But it is up to you to bring your mailers into the 21st century! 

You can use technology to update your mailers, QR codes sending them to videos or games or even sound players can enhance  your message and make your brand memorable and increase the interactiveness

Including a gift or a freebie in your direct mail campaign can also be a unique way to start building a relationship with your potential customers. Gifts can showcase your values and will also provide additional touchpoints and can provide user generated content where people will be excited to show off what they have received from you. Working with a gifting Concierge like SAM & LANCE willhelp you find the right gifts that fit your brand values and will process all your packaging and shipping for you. Branding the boxes, envelopes and even some of the products themselves will help create a more intimate and  effective experience. 

SAM & LANCE mini box including lip balm, cotton squares and face mask

Incorporating these mailers into your marketing budget will pay off in the long run! Why not get creative and get started now!

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