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The 4 Best Gifts That Aren't From Amazon (#3 is the surprise she'll love!)

Amazon has really shown its true colours this past year. From underpaid and overworked staff, to tax avoidance it has really made the world think twice about where they purchase from. 

The shift towards finding smaller independent brands has been a fun adventure for everyone. By supporting independent brands you are directly helping small businesses thrive, you are supporting communities and charities and helping to make sure that their staff are paid fair wages. 

This is an important step forward, prioritizing people and the planet should be on all of our agendas but luckily it doesn't mean missing out on amazing products! 

Here are some products that we think you and the people in your life will absolutely love!

1. Turkish Towels 

Quick drying, soft fabrics, rainbows of colours AND fair wages and ethical business practices? These towels will liven up any bathroom, beach date or yoga practice. Psychetolia is a woman owned brand out of London who believes in supporting small artisans by paying them fair wages and in helping them preserve their traditional weaving practices. 

2. Alexandria Candle


Help her elevate her sunday relaxation with the Alexandria Candle from House Babylon. Made with ethically sourced ingredients, using a formulation of French Cypress, Black Pepper and Cedar Leaf essential oils but with Coriander to give a deliciously fresh and lighter top note before giving way to the woody cedar and cypress. This is a scent of high energy and a crisp freshness without being overly herbaceous- it is subtle and addictive but new and exciting. The combination of these ingredients creates a perfect candle for mornings spent inside and allows the space around it to be enjoyed and savoured.

3. SAM & LANCE Classic Subscription Box


classic subscription box


Support multiple independent women owned businesses four times a year with the SAM & LANCE Classic Subscription Box. Each quarter she’ll receive a box filled with some of the favourites that are featured on their ethical marketplace. Each of the 4-5 products will be useful and usable and guaranteed to make her smile!

 Sign her up HERE today.

4. SAM & LANCE Exclusive Subscription Box


exclusive subscription box


Who doesn't love the feeling of exclusivity!? The SAM & LANCE Exclusive Subscription Box features a quarterly delivery of 6-7 items from women owned ethical brands that are not yet featured on their marketplace. This is a great way to discover even more products and companies that fit with her values and each purchase makes a difference!

 Sign her up HERE today.

What are you waiting for?! Start shopping independent with SAM & LANCE now!




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