Subscription Boxes: The Ultimate Way to Show Self Care

Subscription Boxes: The Ultimate Way to Show Self Care

Self Care is a hot topic and for a good reason! You spend so much time working, caring for your friends and family and just generally surviving and being a decent human. Taking time to really care for yourself helps to recharge and makes you more able to take on the challenges that daily life throws at you. 

There are of course many ways to practice self-care and each person needs something different. One unique way that many people love to show themselves self-love and care is through a subscription box. 

Here are our favourite reasons why subscribing to a box is a great way to be good to yourself: 

1. Done with Decisions

You make so many small decisions every single day. From what to wear to what to eat to what type of jam to get at the supermarket. All these decisions can add up and you will often notice yourself feeling ‘decision fatigue’ Even fun things like choosing a new moisturizer can feel overwhelming or impossible when decision fatigue kicks in. With a subscription box, you don't need to make any decisions, you're surprised every quarter, you get to discover new to you products and brands, and you will get useful items that you can use without having to make decisions at the store! 

2. Surprise!

Opening the door to a package is one of life's simple pleasures. That rush of adrenaline and the huge smile when a pretty box is put in your arms is such a beautiful experience. Often you won't know the exact day or time it will arrive so that ‘ding dong’ in the middle of a ‘meh’ day will make you all tingly! Why not experience this regularly?

3. Activities

Trying new products often involves setting aside some time to either figure it out or use it. Say you get a bath bomb in your subscription box, you don't want it to just sit in a cupboard, it's meant to be used! So you run a bath and take some extra much-needed time for yourself to use this new product and enjoy the scents, and how it makes your skin feel. Or maybe you get a hair oil and you’ve never used one before, taking the time  to learn how to apply it while nourishing your hair will feel so good and you’ll feel like you've accomplished something (and you'll look even more amazing!)

4. Treat Yo Self

It can often be easier to buy things for other people than yourself. Signing up for a subscription box means you get to gift yourself something fun on a regular basis. You also get all the perks of a gift from someone else as well since the products inside will be a surprise and unboxing is very similar to unwrapping! 

5. Feel Good

Through a subscription box like the Empower-Her box by SAM & LANCE, you have the added joy of knowing that you are supporting multiple small women-owned businesses, that the boxes are sustainable and the products are ethically produced. A box of feel-good 4 times a year just makes sense at this point!

Want to feel the ultimate feelings of self-love and care? Get your Empower-Her Subscription box here and you will be one step closer to becoming the Monarch of Self Care

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