Stumped by Skincare? Not Anymore!

With all the skincare products out there it can often feel overwhelming and excessive. But just think of it as a learning curve! There’s a few key rules in place for skin care but for the rest its all about doing what works best for you and for your skin!

These steps outline a regular Night time routine as this is where you want to pay extra attention to your skin since your body repairs itself at night while you are sleeping so you want to set your face up for sleepy time success !

Step 1: Makeup Removal 

Product: Oil-Based Cleanser

Start with makeup removal. You cannot properly care for your face when it’s covered in goop! By fully removing your makeup your skin will be a blank slate and be able to better absorb and soak up all the beautiful ingredients in the rest of your products

Oil-based cleansers are great for removing dirt and oils from makeup. There is a common misconception that oil is bad for oily skin or will make you break out. This is not true! Just remember the rule ‘oils fight oils’ . Your skin produces natural oils to moisturize and protect itself. So if your face is feeling oily or greasy it could be because you aren't hydrating it enough. So using oils in different steps to your skincare routine can help to keep your skin nice and moisturized and will keep your skin from overproducing its own oils

Step 2: Cleanse

Product: Oil-Based Cleanser or Foaming Cleanser

This is where the ‘double cleanse’ comes into play if you have heard that term. The first cleanse will remove your makeup and then rinse and your second cleanse will actually clean your face and get nice and into those pores. If you dont wear makeup then this will be your step one! 

Step 3: Tone

Product: Toner or Face Mist

The next step is where you may want to use a toner or a face mist. Toners used to be used to balance the ph of the skin after cleansing because cleansers used to be more harsh and acidic. This for the most part is no longer the case but luckily toners have also evolved and now can be used to help remove any residual cleanser you may have missed while rinsing and they also contain some helpful active ingredients that can help improve your skin (like aloe for soothing or rose for redness) 

Step 4: Actives

Product: Serums and Oils 

When skincare refers to ‘actives’ it means the active ingredients that have positive benefits to your skin such as vitamin c or aloe or moringa oil. Choosing actives can seem overwhelming but you can usually use 1-2 serums so just read the description and ingredients and pick a few things that you think will make you and your skin happy. The most common things people want to target are moisture and blemishes. So look for ingredients that would moisturize (Moringa, aloe, marula,) or blemish-fighting (tea tree, prickly pear, lavender) to name a few. This is also where you would include a spot treatment

When layering these active start with the lightest consistency first then layer to heaviest. So you would put a water-based serum first then an oil-based on top of it. 

Step 5: Hydrate 

Product: Face Moisturizer

Depending on how heavy your last layer of oil is you most likely will want to add in a moisturizer at the end of your routine

This should help seal in your actives and moisturize the skin. Often creating a barrier to protect your skin from pollution and irritants (hellooo scratchy masks). 

However, if you used a heavy facial oil in the last step it should usually have enough moisturizing properties to skip this step

The best part is that even if you do things in the wrong order life will go on and it’s ok. This order just optimizes your ingredients and makes sure that you are getting the most out of your money! 

If you follow all these steps art night you can keep your morning routine very simple. You can cleanse, tone then use a light moisturizer under your makeup. Some people often prefer not to wash their face in the morning, just rinse it with water and use a toner. Its totally up to you and what works best for your skin type and your lifestyle!

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