Still Stuck for a Gift? Shop by their Zodiac Sign!

Still Stuck for a Gift? Shop by their Zodiac Sign!

Who doesn't love having a little fun with zodiac signs?! We have done some research, and surveys and think we’ve cracked the code for this year's perfect gifts! 


Aries are fire signs, they are passionate, motivated, and fiercely loyal. 

They are also wildly independent, adventurous, and maybe a little harsh at times (Veronica is a textbook Aries and can confirm the good and the not so good!) 



Pom Pom Throw 

A cozy blanket for their quiet nights in 

Abby Purse

A crossbody that is the perfect size to fit the basic necessities needed for any adventure!


Taurus are known to be patient, kind, organized and determined. They love the comfort of home and routines. Taurus is also an earth sign that loves nature but also luxury. 

Turkish Towel

For their nature treks to the beach or the lake

Arm Party Bundle

A beautiful set of 3 pieces of jewelry meant to be worn together showcasing minimalism and elegance


A Gemini is smart and excellent at reading the room and adapting to social situations. They also love changing up their look! Get them something that can change with them!

Pineapple Belt Bag

This adorable belt bag is made from vegan leather and can be worn as a belt bag or over the shoulder. 

Reversible Bralette

A reversible bralette that is cute enough to be worn as a crop top! This means they have even more ways to wear it. 


A Cancer is intuitive, sensitive, and deeply emotional. We recommend anything with crystal or stone energies to help them take advantage of their intuitive and empathic strengths. 

Blush Bracelet

Made with rose quartz. Rose quartz is known to help promote love including self-love and friendships.

Jade Roller

Jade is supposed to bring harmony and be soothing. In addition to being physically soothing when rolled on the skin!


Leos are dramatic, creative, confident and natural born leaders they love social situations and bright colours!

Gold Bar Y Necklace

This necklace makes an elegant statement and is bound to get attention wherever it goes!

Original Cork Shoulder Bag in red

This bag is the ultimate sustainable statement piece. Largeneough to hold everything they'd need and bright enough to get noticed! Cork is also one of the most sustainable materials you can find. The bark is gently removed from the still living trees and they continue to grow and create more cork! How cool is that!


Virgos are perfectionists, kind, practical  and resourceful. They have excellent attention to detail and are incredibly careful in everything that they do

Debbe Ring - Rox Jewelry

A circular band of freshwater pearls will excite their love of details. Each pear is unique and special just like them! 

Hair and Everywhere Oil

This oil was specially formulated to moisturize both hair and body, a two in one! You can't get much more practical than that.


Libras like to test new things to achieve balance in all areas of life. They are also great at resolving conflicts and they love skincare.

Skincare Routine Bundle

This bundle includes every step of their routine and will allow them to try new products and have super glowing skin. Something they are destined to love!

Emerald drop lariat

Made by homeless and transitioning youths these necklaces are not only gorgeous but they have a beautiful story to tell. Emeralds are great for Libra as per their energy and also help heal and open the heart chakra


Scorpios are self sufficient, powerful, passionate and resourceful. They are excellent secret keepers and incredibly trustworthy. 

Yoga Bundle

 A great bundle for your favourite Scorpio to be the most sustainable yogi at the gym or at home 


Zero Waste Tee

A perfect tee makes the perfect gift, soft and slightly cropped this tee goes with everything and at the end of its life it can be sent back and recycled!

Sagittarius are trendy and adventurous; they love to travel, are goal oriented and enthusiastic. 

Satin Scrunchie Duo

This scrunchie set will keep their hair out of their face while they are adventuring and also look super adorable with any outfit they choose! 

Riad Necklace

This necklace was inspired by the souks of Morocco, a beautiful reminder for them of where they’ve been and where they have yet to go.


Capricorns are responsible and focused. They are determined and always in control 


A gorgeous guided journal is great for people who are routine and rule followers. It helps them process their thoughts and get their minds organized for the day to come.

Clarity Lapis Pendant 

Lapis is the lucky stone for Capricorns. This pendant will not only add elegance ansdd whimsy to any outfit but keep them surrounded in good luck and feelings!


An Aquarius is independent and unconventional. They thrive on being different and non conforming. They also care deeply about humanitarian causes and love to help others. 

Coconut Button Tee

These tees are made from organic cotton and have sustainable coconut shell buttons. The entire supply chain of these tees is transparent and everyone is paid a fair and living wage. 

Flowers Clutch

This unique clutch is made by Palestinian refugee women who are learning to preserve the traditional forms of tatreez embroidery while learning a marketable skill. This will make any Aquarius squeal with excitement


Pisces are creative, empathetic, and generous. They are very intuitive to others needs and feelings and are known to love quiet activities. 

Bath Salts

What a better way to celebrate a water sign whose symbol is fish! But also Pisces will love the relaxing alone time in the tub. 

Baboosh Purse

Their artistic and creative sides will love this handmade unique purse from Morocco. It will make a statement and has a wonderful story for them to tell!

OR For any sign the Birth Flower necklaces are sure to be a hit. Elegant and simple they are perfect for every day and give a nice personal touch to your gift.

Let us know in the comments what your star sign is and what your favourite SAM & LANCE product is!

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