Small Changes to Make Your Kitchen More Eco Friendly

Small Changes to Make Your Kitchen More Eco Friendly

You’ve been following those eco friendly goddesses on pinterest forever and they make the ‘trash jar’ seem so easy! Comparing yourself to others is just so discouraging and we are here to tell you right now to STOP!

As we always say, being more eco friendly is all about baby steps. Here are some small ways that you can make your kitchen just a little bit more earth friendly. 


Peanut butter, jam, pickles, whatever you fancy. Don't throw the jars out when you’re done! Soak them in warm soapy water to remove the labels and use the jars to store everything from bulk baking supplies, to leftovers to hair elastics! Jars also have a certain aesthetic that can make your kitchen look pretty trendy too. 


Meal Plan

It does take a bit of work but by making and sticking to a meal plan you will reduce the amount of food waste in your house. It also helps avoid that super annoying evening conversation of “i don't know what do youuuuu want for dinner?”

Repurpose Foods

When fruits and vegetables are on their last legs there are a bunch of things you can do with them to save them from ending up in the trash. Carrots can be sliced and pickled in a water vinegar salt mixture that tastes great on burgers and sandwiches. Lemons can be sliced and dehydrated in the oven for gorgeous drink toppers. Herbs can be frozen in oil in ice cube trays for easy future flavoring. The list goes on! 



If you have a backyard or your community has a composting program definitely take advantage! Composting is a great way to get rid of food scraps, napkins and other biodegradable products. 


Whenever possible try to buy things like nuts, seeds, flours, beans in bulk! You can bring your own containers and it will help cut so much waste and as and added bonus you’ll often save money too! More and more bulk stores are popping up so hopefully you can find something fun nearby!


Replace Products

We’re not saying throw everything away! But once its time to replace certain products think about if that product can have an eco friendly swap. From bamboo dish brushes, to reusable ‘unpaper towel’ theres an alternative to almost everything! 

We’d love to hear from you! What are your favourite ways to make your Kitchen more sustainable? 


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