Remembering Strength, Remembering Women

Remembering Strength, Remembering Women


On this Remembrance day let us remember those who bravely fought against injustice, who stood up for what they believed in and for those who lost their lives. Let’s also focus on making sure we continue to live up to that legacy of standing up for what’s right and fighting against oppression, racism and injustice. 

We first want to inspire you with some interesting facts about women and World War II

  • 1941 women succeeded in their lobbying efforts and were finally allowed to serve in the Canadian Military. While they weren’t actually allowed to fight, they were still important members of the military
  • 76 Indigenous Women enlisted in the Canadian Military
  • Over 46,000 women enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps, Women’s Division of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service
  • Over 4,500 Served as nurses, many working on the front lines
  • The number of women who were full time employed doubled during the war to help maintain industry and life in Canada and also to support their families. 

So thank you to those women for their strength and their sacrifices and for inspiring us to continue to fight for what’s right. 

"In Cree we say 'Kahgee pohn noten took' on Remembrance Day. It means, 'the fighting has ended'." – Irene Plante, Veteran's widow

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