Reasons To Start Your Holiday Shopping NOW!

Reasons To Start Your Holiday Shopping NOW!

There are 2 types of people in this world. the first read this headline and are like “YESS! IM ON IT” and the other is like “girl, you’re out of your mind!”

We’re here to tell you some excellent reasons why you should start holiday shopping as soon as possible and hopefully, we can make everyone into early birds! 

You know what they say ‘early bird gets the best gifts!’

The Holiday season can get very stressful for everyone. There are parties and gatherings to plan and attend, many workplaces are rounding up for ‘year-end’, seasons are changing meaning there are more chores around the house. At times it feels a little overwhelming. Then on top of that, you add in trying to make a list check it twice and find gifts for everyone whether or not they’re naughty or nice. Its no wonder depression increases during the holiday season!

In our family, holiday gifts were usually purchased and packed away by the end of summer, which we know is a bit too early! But this taught us some great lesson on the benefits and as adults we’ve continued this pattern! 

So here’s our list of reasons why early holiday shopping is the way to go


By starting early you aren't limited to what is on the shelves in December, you have every season and are able to take your time and really pick out the perfect gift

Tracking Hints

If you are thinking about gifting all year round its super helpful to keep a list in your phone of things your friends and family mention in passing that they have their eye on or minor problems in their lives that can be solved with a thoughtful gift. For example, say your friend mentioned in passing that she’s having trouble finding a new favorite tea now you have lots of time to find unique and beautiful teas just for her!

Sustainable Wrapping 

Starting to think about holidays earlier means you have more time to think about sustainable wrapping options. Using scrap fabric or reusing boxes, saving them throughout the year means you have more to choose from when wrapping your gifts in December!

On Time Delivery 

Delivery times can be a disaster during the holiday season. Packages can take so much longer to get to y ou and you may miss your event! So by shopping early you beat the delivery rush (and often pay less in shipping) So it literally ‘pays’ to shop early! 

We’re curious to know, when do you usually start your holiday shopping? Let us know in the comments! 


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