Perks of the SAM & LANCE Empower Her Subscription Box

Perks of the SAM & LANCE Empower Her Subscription Box

The SAM & LANCE Empower Her Subscription box is becoming the ultimate self-care and women empowerment box. Every specially curated box is full of items all from ethical and sustainable women-owned brands. But it doesn't stop there. The Empower Her Subscription Box has a number of other great perks that will make yuo feel even better about spoiling yourself and signing up

$10 off an annual subscription

By pre-paying and signing up for a yearly subscription you can save $10 for the year. This means you can use that extra $10 in the add on marketplace or getting your bestie a fancy latte. 

Can do one-off for gifts

Are you loving your subscription and want to share the experience with someone for a special occasion? You can easily order a box as a one time order and have it delivered to your special person. Theyll absolutely love having surprise items and you wont have to worry about recurring payments. Simply select the checkbox above the 'add to cart' button and be sure to add a note letting us know is a one off and we will ship it accordingly!


Customized products 

This is a new feature we started recently and has been a hit! Each box will have 1-2 items that you can customize, sometimes its the item, other times its colors or even scents! Or if you want to be totally surprised just let us know and we will choose for you.


Add on market

Every season there is a special discounted Add On Market where you can shop and add more products to your box at a discounted rate thats only available to subscribers! Products range from home goods like mugs and candles, to self care products like face serums and masks to past box products taht you might want to restock on. 

Useful and useable products

All of the products in the Empower Her Box are specially chosen to make yoru life better and not add clutter in your home. They are either useful or able to be used up, we feel this is the best way to avoid waste and you having to get rid of items that dont suit your home. We also encourage you to gift the items that you might not be absolutely in love with, your bestie, sister or mom will definitely find a use for them!


Eco-friendly packaging

Part of the issue with recurring deliveries is the packaging, it can add up and feel like a lot. All of the Empower Her packaging is made with plant based inks and either recyclable or biodegradable materials. You should be able to spoil yourself without harming the environment! You can learn more about our packaging here. We also have a blog post here about repurposing your packaging!

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments what your favorite perk of the Empower Her box is! 

Don't have yours yet?! Sign up quick here, there is a limited number available and you don't want to miss out on the amazing spring box!

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