Our Support and Our Promise

Our Support and Our Promise

The recent murder of George Floyd and the riots and protests taking place across North America has touched us all deeply. It has made us hurt and angry and has made those of us who are white and privileged take a good hard look at ourselves and acknowledge our failures and weaknesses as human beings. 

This week has made us uncomfortable. We have been ignorant, we have made the mistake of believing that not being racist is enough. We have often forgotten our position of privilege and we have been passive. This discomfort has opened our eyes and our hearts and has made us realize how much we have to do. 

 We are therefore making a promise. From this point forward we will work tirelessly to better ourselves and our business. Actions speak louder than words and we will be taking the following actions to ensure continuous improvement. 

  1. We promise to actively seek out more BIPOC owned businesses to be featured on our marketplace
  2. We promise that when we do expand our team we will make it a priority to actively seek out diverse candidates and hire accordingly
  3. We promise to ensure equal representation of skin and hair in all images on our site and on social media
  4. We promise to add a variety of voices to our blog. 
  5. We promise to ensure our blog is more inclusive and provides content that is relevant to all
  6. We promise to ensure that every brand, company, influencer we work with are actively anti-racist and aligns with these values
  7. We also promise that these brands, companies, and influencers will be from a wider ethical and cultural background
  8. We promise to feature more political articles and expressions to use our platform to help educate and inform
  9. We also promise to use our personal platforms for this purpose and to always speak out in person when we witness acts of racism, microaggressions or inequalities. 
  10. We promise to ensure we are educating ourselves and actively seeking books, films, blogs, and articles written by and featuring BIPOC. 
  11. We promise to make standing internal policies to review these promises and ensure they are being met moving forward. 

We do not make these promises lightly. We cannot say we are an ethical brand without them. We became so focused on the environment and ethical treatment of workers we know we have overlooked some glaring issues in our business practices and that is not ok. 

We send our love and support to all and will do everything in our power to do better. 

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