Morning vs Night Should Your Skincare Change?

Morning vs Night Should Your Skincare Change?

Skin is your largest organ and caring for it can get time-consuming and confusing.

Taking a bit of extra time to care for your skin can not only be beneficial to looks but also its showing yourself some care and love. Taking care of your skin isnt about vanity! Its the same as making sure you have lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

People often get confused about morning and evening skincare and if there should be a difference.

Since your daytime and nighttime activities are different it only makes sense that your skincare after these time periods will be different as well

Lets get started!

Morning Skin Routine

If you have done your evening skincare routine then your morning routine can be kept fairly simple. Your skin should already be clean from the night before and if you regularly clean your sheets and pillowcases it should help keep your skin happy as well.

This means that first thing in the morning you dont necessarily have to wash your face. Rinsing your face with cool water before starting your morning routine can often be enough. However, if you find that your skin needs a bit more attention a very gentle cleanser in the mornings can also be effective.

Mornings are also a time to set your skin up for the days success! Whether or not you enjoy wearing makeup you will benefit from some extra love.

After rinsing your face use your toner to remove anything leftover from your night cream or cleanser

Then you can use one of your more gentle serums. The morning is good for more lightweight serums that dont usually leave a greasy residue.

Gold and Maula Face Oil from Newt By Elle

Then you can use your regular moisturizer or face oil whichever you prefer.

Last step for the morning SPF! Even if you dont plan on being out in the sun directly the rays can still affect your skin. Even from windows!

Evening Skin Routine

Evening is the time when you should take a bit of extra time and really give your skin the love it deserves

Your evening routine should start with removing any and all makeup that you have been wearing. Oil based cleansers work great for this but you can also use your regular cleanser.

Niawen Cleansing Oil 

Once you wash off all the makeup you will want to cleanse your skin a second time. This ensures that all of the makeup and daytime grime is completely washed away

Then you can use your toner again to make sure everything is completely gone.

Evening is a great time to do your face masks as well because the skin will continue to absorb the benefits while you sleep and as you sleep your skin also repairs itself.

You can use this time to do a clay mask or a moisturizing mask before moving on to your next steps

After washing off your masks you start layering your lotions and potions!

Start with your lightest serum first. This is the one that would be the closest consistency to water.

Bulan Balancing Oil by Holistick

Layer the thickest oil on top and then you can use your moisturizer or final moisturizing oil

To simplify keep it light and breezy in the mornings and put some effort in at night! Your skin will thank you

And dont make excuses! Make sure you are taking your makeup off Every. SIngle. Night! No exceptions, no matter how perfect your eyeliner looks.

Skincare is also supposed to be fun so try out new masks and serums regularly to find the ones that work best for you

We’re curious to hear what your favourtite serums to layer with are! Let us know in the comments !

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