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More Life Milestones You Never Thought To Celebrate

Here at SAM & LANCE, we are all about celebrating and acknowledging milestones in everyone's lives. We believe that people need their friends and loved ones to support them through more than just birthdays, babies, weddings and major holidays.(Although these are super important too!)

We posted HERE about some milestones that we think everyone should acknowledge and celebrate and we are adding to that list now!

Getting a Boat or Motorcycle License

Getting a license involves studying and tests and is a big deal! They worked hard and now get to reap the rewards through fun vehicular activities. Any type of studying in our books requires a celebration and gifts from loved ones!

image of a vespa and a boat


Bringing Home a New Pet

Whether it's a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or goat, every new addition to the family is worth celebrating! Fur babies bring so much love and joy to a family which is definitely something to get excited about. 

woman with her dog viewing a canyon


Setting Difficult Boundaries with Family Members

Caring for yourself and setting boundaries can be incredibly freeing but also incredibly difficult, especially when the people you are setting boundaries with don't understand or take it personally. Acknowledging the strength and bravery that it takes to do so is incredibly important! Your loved one needs extra love and support right now and a thoughtful gift or card is a great way to let them know you are proud of them and have their back

Professional Growth

People put a lot of time and effort into their professional growth and development. Whether it is working towards an external designation like a CFA or PM certification to something more internal to their company like finally leading a big project or getting a promotion. These types of accomplishments should be met with the same celebration and excitement as an academic or personal achievement!

two professional women having a conversation

Making A Difficult Decision

When making a difficult decision people often feel alone, isolated, anxious and like others won't understand them. Whether it's having to make major medical decisions for a family member, leaving a partner they love because there is no future, to deciding to walk away from an amazing opportunity because the timing is just not right, show the one you love that you always support them no matter what and believe in the decision they made for themselves. 

Taking A Big Risk

Most people are cautious by nature, self-preservation is important and putting others before themselves is incredibly common. However, there comes a time in most people's lives when they decide to take a  big risk. Maybe it's moving halfway around the world for a job opportunity or selling everything to travel the country by van. Whatever it is let them know that you support them and admire their courage! 

camper van on the beach


Here are some of our favourite gifts that work for any special milestone! 

Welcome Home Box - $70

gift box with a bottle of Trail Estates Piquette, Humminbird Chocolates chocolate bar, worthy jam artisinal jam

Gift box including a concrete planter, worthy jams artisinal jam, eatable popcorn champagne popcorn, bubble candle in SAM & LANCE New Home WHo Dis Gift box

Let us know in the comments what milestones we might have missed!

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