Meet the Empowering Women behind Spring 2021 Exclusive Subscription Box

Meet the Empowering Women behind Spring 2021 Exclusive Subscription Box

Spring has sprung and we are so excited for you to meet the amazing women whose products are included in this season's Exclusive Subscription Box! 

We meet with and vet each brand before we approve their products to be included in the boxes. We get to know them and hear their stories and when we find the right fit - it's like magic! We just can't wait to share them with you and hope you love them as much as we do!

Jenn - Cheekbone Beauty

Jenn is helping Indigenous youth see themselves in a beauty brand. Early on she struggled to accept her Indigenous roots, but after reuniting with her family she began to explore her history more. She donates 10% of profits to First Nations children's education.

Naomi - Future is Bamboo

Naomi is the co-founder of this family business that aims to make bamboo everyday essentials affordable & accessible to everyone

Kara - Kara Yoo

Kara has been making jewelry since highschool. Growing up with immigrant parents from Korea that juggled several businesses, Kara was inspired to create business that was true to herself and her passions

Dixy - La Villa Goods

Dixy is on a mission to empower artisans and create positive social impact  in El Salvador through partnerships with artisans and connect them with international markets. Ethically sourced, Eco-conscious and contributes to marine conservation

Leah - Cheeks Ahoy

Leah created Cheeks Ahoy after making all natural baby wipes for her first born. They were so popular that she grew the brand to other sustainable household re-usable items using premium eco-friendly fabrics.

Hannah - Fersk Self Care

Hannah created Fersk to bring natural, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free self-care products into everyday life. Every product that's produced by Fersk Self-Care contains ingredients that are naturally sourced and serves a purpose. 

If these women inspire you as much as they do us and you want to check out all of their products it's not too late to sign up for this month's Exclusive Subscription box

Every quarter you'll get 6-7 new full size ethically made products that aren't yet available on our site and are all from companies with inspiring stories like these! 


Meet the incredible Women behind Spring 2021 Exclusive Subscription Box

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