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Helpful tips to heal mask acne

This year has been quite a year of changes, adjustments, and disruptions. We have worried about others and ourselves and have had to find new ways to protect ourselves and strangers. 

Wearing masks, whether reusable fabric or disposable, has become an important new step in our daily lives. Although they protect us and others from germs many of us have started to notice additional pimples and clogged pores. Mask Acne is a real thing and if you notice you are getting more blemishes than usual look in the mirror and you’ll notice they are most likely around the areas where your mask is touching your face!

There are steps you can take to help reduce this that don’t involve leaving your mask at home, (a few pimples are definitely worth staying germ-free)  We have tried and tested these methods ourselves and know that they can help make a difference!

  • If you aren't doing it already WASH YOUR MASK! First for germs masks should be washed after every use in public. The outside has germs and the inside has your face, to stay safe and clean please everyone: throw your masks in the laundry as often as possible and preferably on high heat and then into the dryer! 
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  • Create a barrier. By putting on a layer of face cream or facial oil you can create a protective barrier on the skin so the mask won’t rub and irritate your skin as much. Personally, this has been a game-changer and has really helped the smaller pimples I was getting from my mask. 
  • Rinse your face. After you get home and have washed your hands and put your mask to be cleaned, splash water on your face and use toner to help refresh your skin. Depending on your skin type you may want to wash your face at this point but some of us break out with too much face wash. 
  • Be extra kind to your skin and change your pillowcase more often. I began changing it every other day (for some reason we have a lot of pillowcases at home!) and have noticed an improvement as there is less irritation from any oils or product leftover on my pillow. 

    As things start to open up it is important to still be cautious and we will be wearing our masks and hope you’ll join us in protecting ourselves and others. 

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