Love Shopping, But Hate Fast Fashion? How To check if your Online Shopping is Guilt Free

Love Shopping, But Hate Fast Fashion? How To check if your Online Shopping is Guilt Free

You are a pro when it comes to scouring the internet for amazing unique products and your friends and family have dubbed you the ‘super gifter’. You are a shopping star. 

But when your packages arrive you often feel a bit guilty with all the packaging and waste that comes along with it and you've been following the anti fast fashion movement for a while. You realize that between the twinges of guilt and your love of the planet you might have to make some changes to your shopping habits. 

We’re here to tell you that you can still be a pro and keep your crown, but now your crown will be made of leaves and you will have a whole new level of shopping expertise!

Here are a few easy things you can look for to make sure that each purchase you make will be as green as possible!

1. Materials

What a product is made out of is incredibly important. Did you know that polyester is basically plastic? And each time you wash it small plastic particles are released into the water system? Keep an eye out for materials like: Linen, bamboo, cotton, flax and hemp. There is even some plastic alternatives made from bamboo and wheatgrass! These fibres have a less damaging manufacturing process and once you're done with the item they are easier to recycle or biodegrade

2. Product Lifecycle

When shopping, think about what will happen with that product at the end of its ‘useful’ life. Those foil balloons for your friends birthday might be super cute on instagram but after a few photos what will happen to them? Why not use decorated cardboard letters instead?! There are always alternatives, and finding them is part of the fun!

3. Packaging

This is the hardest one to tell online. However, if a company truly has the planet at heart they will most likely write about their amazing packaging on their website! If youre still unsure then ask them, sending a quick DM or email can get you the answers you need and might also help them to make changes in the future. Be the voice of that future!

If this sounds a bit tedious to you there is one other option. Find a place that does the work for you! SAM & LANCE has an amazing subscription box that does the work for you. 

In their Subscription boxes all products are first and foremost from women owned companies. 50% of the products coming from BIPOC owned brands. Each item is verified that it is manufactured in an ethical manner preserving the planet and people are paid fair wages. To top it all off all of the box packaging is biodegradable! Even the tape! 

So every quarter you will receive a box full of items that have already been vetted, are useful and introduce you to amazing new women owned brands! It sounds almost too good to be true. 

So you can keep your crown, gift the items in your boxes that you think your friends and fam will love and we will be your ‘clean and green’ little secret!

Head to to find the plan thats perfect for you and start exploring!

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