5 Lipstick Tips Every Woman Should Know

5 Lipstick Tips Every Woman Should Know

Its National Lipstick Day!  💋

We come from a family of Lipstick Lovers. Our grandmothers Shirley (SAM) and Georgette (Lance) never wore makeup except for lipstick when they were going out. It completed their look, gave them a feminine touch, and enhanced their natural beauty by just bringing a pop of colour. Our mother also is a big lipstick lover, although she also loves her mascara and eyeshadow her number one can't live without makeup product is definitely lipstick!  She is a bit more adventurous than our grandmothers and taught us how amazing a bold lip can look at any time! 

We, however, are lipstick lovers but definitely wear it so much less than the fabulous stylish women in our family. Part of this comes from us always seeing lipstick as for ‘grown ups’ and sometimes we feel like we’re not ‘old enough’ to wear it yet. But how silly is that?

So this Lipstick day we thought we would give you some of our tips to embrace the fun that is lipstick and help you shine your brightest! 


If it makes you happy then everyone else can go fly a kite. We love bold colors but sometimes feel a little self conscious once we get out in public. But you know what? Yes, people are probably looking at you but most likely what they are thinking is “LOVE IT” or “YES! SO GOOD” or, “I think I have that colour at home I should wear it more often” and there you just inspired 3 different women by wearing a color that makes you happy. 

Don't just save it for special occasions. Lipsticks have an expiry date, so do what our mom taught us and wear your favourite shades everywhere! The grocery store, taking the dog for a walk, going to the doctors. Why not? Its another way to show your personality and creativity and it fits in your pocket!


Proper prep. Make sure you are keeping your lips ready for anything by including them in your daily skincare routine. Add in a lip moisturizer before bed, exfoliate your lips weekly (you can make a quick lip scrub out of brown sugar and coconut oil!), protect them from the sun with an SPF. These steps don't take long and aren't expensive but make all the difference for helping your lipstick to stay smooth and lovely. 

Stay and Slay tip! I read this tip online a long time ago and I wish I remember where so I could give credit! Get a lip liner that closely matches the shade of your natural lips. First line your lips, then use the liner to colour in. Pat a bit of translucent powder on to set it and then apply your lipstick! This will give you a great base for the color you choose to put on top and will also: help the color pop, help the lipstick stay put, stop the color from bleeding and straying to your upper lip, and if all else fails and your main color wears off a bit you still have a nice base to fall back on. I’ve been doing this for years now and its magic.






Mix and Match. Lipsticks can easily be blended and layered to create a completely custom shade. You can use a brush and a clean flat surface to mix or just apply one on top of the other and use a brush or your finger to blend. 





These are only a few and we are curious about what tips you have to give to the community. Let us know in the comments if you have any good lipstick advice. We’re all ears! (and lips!) 

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