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Is Alltrue/CauseBox Really Closing Down?

Rumours and theories have been flying across the internet as of late regarding what seems to be the sudden closure of Alltrue Subscription Box (formerly CauseBox). The speculations started when people started noticing that Alltrue’s had stopped posting on social media. Then others started noticing that they could not properly access their accounts on the website and new subscribers were unable to checkout and actually purchase boxes. 

According to anonymous posts on Reddit Alltrue abruptly laid off all of its staff on April 12 and leaked documents have shown that they have filed for bankruptcy. Subscribers are scrambling for more information and are contacting their banks to be sure they are no longer going to be charged by the company. 

How did this happen? Well as no formal announcement has been made subscribers have been working together to try to figure out what happened. The most popular theory is that money trouble has been brewing under the surface for a while, then with the expensive rebrand and magazine launch, the cashflow issues could not be saved. 

We want to extend our condolences to those Alltrue employees who have lost their jobs. We have been where you are and are sending you strength and love!

To all the subscribers out there we'd love to help you continue to get acquainted with ethical women owend  brands through our Empower-Her Subscription box. You can check it out here!

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