Important Milestones You Never Thought to Celebrate

Important Milestones You Never Thought to Celebrate


What events do you think of when you hear “Life’s Milestones”? Weddings? Birthdays? First Home? 

We often think of the key ‘checklist’ items that are traditionally associated with ‘success’ like buying a home, getting married, graduating, having a baby. But if we’ve learned anything it's that everyone’s life journey is different and there are more milestones to be celebrated and acknowledged than we have been told. 

Think back into the past few years of your life. Was there a time you achieved something that was a big deal to you but since it wasn't a ‘traditional’ milestone you didn't get to celebrate it? Maybe you started a business or closed your first big account. Or perhaps you travelled alone for the first time or got your motorcycle license. 

If you've had these feelings just imagine how many of your friends and family have felt the same thing! 

Life is too short not to be full of celebrations. So let's agree to throw tradition out the window and celebrate everything no matter how big or small! 

First Periods 

Although things are starting to change now and young people are being more open and celebratory about their periods, this was not something we did! Who else remembers feeling embarrassed and annoyed about this ‘bloody’ new monthly visitor? Acknowledging a first period shows solidarity  and you can also offer advice! Giving a cute gift can also increase the feelings of a ‘special’ milestone and help welcome them into the menstruation club!

Last Period!

Menopause is another one that people rarely discuss let alone celebrate! But it is such a life changing milestone it deserves some attention! Friends should gather in support and send each other tokens of love and appreciation. 


Moving in with a new partner

We always think of buying a new house as a big milestone but taking the next step in a relationship and moving in with a partner is a big deal! Even if they’ve lived with other partners before, each time is new and exciting and should be acknowledged. It takes commitment and courage to open up your personal space to another person 

Starting a business

Whether it's full time or on the side, starting a business is a HUGE deal! Your friend may want to play it off as ‘it's still small’ or ‘i just started who knows what’ll happen’ NO don't let them do that! Just making the decision to go forward with an idea is a cause for celebration and will change lives. 


Going back to school

As an adult, making the decision to go back to school or to continue your education in any way is a brave choice that takes a large commitment. You dont need to wait until they complete their program to celebrate them. The decision in itself is worthy of acknowledgement and your friend will definitely appreciate the support while they transition into the new phase of their life. 

Home Renovations

Being excited for someone's new home is one thing. But being excited for people who have spent time, money and effort upgrading their space is just as worthy of recognition! Make sure to ask to see their new look and bring a gift to help them settle in and celebrate their new digs!

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Completing and Athletic Challenge

Running a marathon, half marathon, 5 k, triathlon, whatever it might be takes a ton of dedication and hard work. We should celebrate these achievements! They have been working towards this challenge for months, have probably injured themselves a few times in the process and especially if it's their first one this is an accomplishment of a lifetime. Let your friends know how impressed you are and that you’re proud of them


So next time you are super proud of an accomplishment, take pride in it and celebrate! And when your friends try to downplay their accomplishments or life milestones don't let them! Remind them that they are incredible and they need to be celebrated, whether its having a party, going for dinner or sending them a thoughtful gift 

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