How to Use Your Jade Roller

How to Use Your Jade Roller

The past 4 years have seen an exponential rise in popularity for Jade Rollers. This trend in the west was nothing new in the east. Jade rollers were originally introduced in China over 5000 years ago. And evidence has even been found that Jade was used by the Egyptians and the Mayans for massage as well. 

If you aren't already familiar jade rollers are handheld tools used to massage the face and neck to help with lymphatic drainage , aka reducing puffiness. They are made with jade stones and often have two sizes of rollers one larger on one side for cheeks and forehead and a smaller roller on the other side for under your eyes. 

Jade represents health, wealth, longevity, and prosperity and is a very popular stone for jewelry and items like combs. Jade is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as it is supposed to stimulate your chi, your internal balancing energy which will help with healing and cell turnover. This means that it is excellent to use on your face as increasing cell turnover will help prevent lines and wrinkles (not that we think there’s anything wrong with lines! They’re a part of life!) But also this can help with healing pimples and scarring. Just as long as you didn’t poke your pimples and they are now open sores. This would just mean you are pushing the bacteria around your face and we definitely do not recommend that!


The motions that you are supposed to roll in will help physically push and fluid build-up out and away reducing any swelling or puffiness. Many people find that during the night their faces swell a bit and seem puffy, if this is you, then it's recommended to keep your roller in the fridge and use it in the morning. You will be your bright shiny puff-less self in no time!

How to use your jade roller: 

Begin your regular skincare routine. Cleanse your face as per normal, use your toner then add any serum or oil that makes you happy. The jade roller will help your serums penetrate better into your skin and give the roller a smooth surface. 

Start with your decolletage and your neck sweeping your roller in an upward motion. Roll each area of skin 4-5 times with your strokes all going in the same direction. Don’t roll back and forth. This is supposed to help clear the passageways for the fluids in our face to exit through. 

Next, you want to move on to your face

Start from the middle of your face and roll outward toward the edges. So from your nose out towards your hairline. Same with your neck and decolletage don’t roll back and forth but in one direction working outwards. 

Then roll across your forehead from one side to the other and back 

Next, you can do under your eyes with the smooth end of the roller in light motions starting from the nose and moving outwards.  

Repeat with the Studded end of the roller to access deeper layers of the skin!

The whole process should take just a few minutes and you can do it morning and or night whatever fits best with your personal skincare routine. 

We’re curious to know when you use your jade roller do you keep it at room temperature or do you store yours in the fridge?


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